How to wear a coat with the suit?

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How to wear a coat with the suit?

Did you know that the coat is such an important accent in appearance in the outfit itself? It is possible to ruin your overall vision just because you have chosen an inappropriate pattern or garment color.

When renting a tuxedo or suit, you should take this into consideration, especially if you are supportive of additional clothing accessories, such as a hat, a scarf, a tie, and more.

The complete combination should be adequate to your style. Choose the most practical option that will suit most clothes in your wardrobe or make an extra investment for a coat. This will give you a brilliant look at any moment, and you will not go unnoticed by the good-looking women you meet daily in your office, streets, or business events.

Types of fabrics and colors for coats suitable for wearing on a suit?

Sometimes combining a suit with an inappropriate jacket can interfere with your flawless appearance. Men, to a greater extent than women, tend to make a catastrophic mistake, namely a suit with a sports jacket or a blazer. In order not to get confused about the different formality of the two types of garments, you must have some knowledge of classic fashion.

Making coats that are suitable as overcoats over your suit include certain fabric and most often are dyed in basic shades. The fabrics are different from other types of jackets in production. They are made finer and lighter and higher quality materials are used.

The color range varies in different shades of official label colors, but there are fabrics with intertwined color threads. The biggest preferences are for models with black and dark blue color. Ash gray is also among the demanding ones, and at least light gray is bought (although no such statement can be made, as each requirement is strictly individual).


Worsted wool

This type of wool is a little thinner and rough than traditional. It is created by aligning the fibers, then transforming into yarn. Extremely suitable material for making a fine coat for the winter period. The dress stays elegant, but at the same time serves as protection from the cold

Wool flannel

A thick wool, creating softness in touch and offering a blend of colors. Because of this, it is one of the preferred fabrics of men. The cloth is woven from yarn that is in two varieties


It is a rough textile of natural material. It is made of wool and used since the

1800s for making clothes such as hats and jackets

Waxed cotton

Cotton, in all its varieties, is a desirable fabric for more formal outfits. It creates a more day-to-day vision, is considered one of the traditional materials and is known for its strength


What Kind of Coat to Wear Over a Suit?

Peacock coat

Suitable option for outfit in the case of a weekend walk (dressed more casually) as well as for the office. Thanks to the sophisticated look of the coat, even with jeans and a blouse, you will quickly move to a sporty, elegant look. Definitely, every man needs such a black jacket in his closet.

It has gained popularity for a long time, as in the beginning Pea Coat has been protecting sailors from the cold in the open sea. They are made of "raw" wool. The fabric then undergoes changes to a softened version and expansion in the range of color gamut.

It can be said that this type of coats are most versatile and practical. The patterns and colors are clear, which means you can spend the winter period with only one (unless you've decided to make just one more gift).

Detailed information about Pea coat:

Front end :

  • wide notch lapel
  • double breasted
  • slash pockets high on torso
  • 3 by 2 button configuration + extra button to close collar
  • hip length


Rear part :

  • wide collar
  • two piece back
  • close fit with a slight flare at hips
  • single vent on the back


Trench coat

The emergence of Trench coats has been observed since the time of the First World War. The creator made them an impressive workmanship of thinner fabric for the British Army. Later on, production began with gabardine, which is characterized as a waterproof fabric.

Thanks to a number of advantages - rugged, lightweight and durable fabrics, as well as a host of extra details, the coats are quickly gaining pride and transferring to fashion. They are suitable to wear on more formal costumes, as well as on a little daily wear.

Detailed information about Trench coat:

Front end :

  • epauletters
  • Napoleon collar and wide stick
  • gun patch / storm flap
  • double breasted with buttons
  • waist belt with buckle
  • buttoned storm pockets
  • buckled sleeve straps

Rear part :

  • throat latch
  • deep back yoke (rain guard)
  • belt loops
  • D-rings on belt
  • mid thigh below the knee length
  • wedge back vent with button tab to hold closed


This kind of coats are again among the tendencies in clothing on men's suits. Provide the necessary width to make you feel comfortable no matter what type of suit you put underneath. Available in dark and neutral colors that will fit you perfectly if you are more business-friendly.

A good investment will warm you up in weather conditions because it is made of high quality woolen fabrics. There is a very original construction that you can meet.

Detailed information about Overcoat

Front end :

  • notch lapel
  • welt chest pocket
  • single or double breasted
  • buttoned closure
  • front darts for fit
  • ticket pocket
  • straight or diagonal flap pockets
  • Rear part :
  • buttons on the cuff
  • single vent
  • mid thigh to knee length


Overcoat and Pea coats are often mistaken

Before you make a purchase decision for a particular outfit, check out some of the incompatibilities in male coats of suit and coat type. There are all sorts of unpleasantness on the streets due to the fact that something has entered the fashion podium. Better turn to a model that suits your style.

Know that there are classic clothes that just do not go out of fashion, unlike fast-moving trends. By following these recommendations, you will save some expenses, and you will also eliminate the possibility of having a bad look.

Choose a suit or tuxedo and a coat that does not suit your physique - a lot of men are influenced by less important factors, and they do not see it as more important to look acceptable. The worst combination is to wear a suit that makes you even weaker (if you are skinny) or to emphasize extra pounds with the most inappropriate coat pattern.

Not that both of these options are not carried over a suit, but you have to make sure they do not make you too low or the presence of additional items to expand you visually:

The coat is too long

You know that one person can wear a garment perfect and not another. This is also true for top clothes. However, you should keep in mind that the first thing they notice in you is this. You do not want to look like something overhead, and the goal is to make sophistication and style? Moreover, if your coat is at your knees, there is a great opportunity to collect mud and dirt.

You look too fashionable

You're probably wondering how such an expression might be a mistake, but that's right. The style changes almost daily, and some boys hurry to wear the last scream without having a clear idea of ​​what this means. Sometimes they look almost catastrophic, and for a man it is not so important to attract to such an extent with certain extravagant clothing.

You look "overgrown"

Be careful with hoods, zippers, pockets of pockets and others that can be displayed in your coat and look pretty uncomfortable. Bet on simpler patterns and colors, dressing this kind of coats.

Coat is not suitable for climate

If you live in a warmer country or region and think that you would not be using long-coat suits, for example, consider another option. It will not look aesthetically good if you look like wearing almost a coat. The clothes underneath are also very important.

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