How To Wear a Tuxedo?

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How To Wear a Tuxedo?

Tuxedo is called dinner jacket. This is a man's jacket for formal or semiformal evening dress, traditionally of black or dark-blue color and characteristically having satin or grosgrain facing on the lapels. This is being worn only in the evening.

how to wear a tuxedoThe rule of thumbs when you wear a tuxedo is to avoid disastrous, inappropriate outfit is to go classic. Also, an important thing to consider are the accessories if they match each other and if they fit with the occasion.

Importantly, is to know which tuxedo style to wear and when.

Tuxedo Style and Color at the right, appropriate time. Tuxedos are specifically designed at night events. Generally, these events happen after 6:00 pm.

Therefore, it’s inappropriate to wear tuxedo in any daytime occasions. This type of suit is generally called as “Morning Dress” or “Morning Suit”. This type of suit is generally dark gray and will receive good nods for weddings and other ceremonies.


tuxedo and black tie

Tuxedo Accessories

  • Tuxedo and Black tie

Black tie is “always” the option. Although the invitation says, “black tie optional” it often suggests that it is a must.

  • Tuxedo Jacket and Pants

Picking the right pants and jackets appropriately. No one can go wrong by always picking the classic look for jacket. Usually, the single-breasted jacket with classic notch lapel. Midnight blue or black is always the best choice for pants.

  • Tuxedo Shirt

Choose a simple or lowkey shirt. The traditional tuxedo shirts are the point collars and wing collars. Usually, the best choice is plain front or a pleated front.

  • Bow Tie

The best way to go is always choose the classic bow tie which you tie around your neck.

  • Shoes

Again, always go for a classic style when it comes to selecting shoes. A plain, round-toed leather shoes is always perfect to match any tuxedo.

  • Vest

Make sure to choose a vest wherein the pleats face up. Wearing the one with braces is not advisable.

  • Socks

Always choose a black sock made of silk that stretches from mid-calf or the knee.

  • White Pocket square will also be ideal
  • A Homburg hat or a fedora is also approved to be used.


How To Wear a Tuxedo - DO’s and DON’Ts

Tuxedo DO’s

  • There is no such thing is “black tie optional”. Always wear it no matter what. It is only polite way to tell guests that black tie is mandatory to the event.

  • Always wear a single-breasted vest with peaked lapels or a shawl collar.
  • Keep your tuxedo colors to either black or midnight blue.
  • Jetted pockets on jacket is always the best option than the flap type.
  • Wear pants that take braces.
  • Choose only black or white braces with matching corded ends. Leather is a no no.
  • Always wear a plain, leather shoes with round toe.
  • A classic self-tied bow tie is always recommended.

Tuxedo DON’Ts

  • Don’t wear belt for formal occasions.

  • Don’t wear tuxedo for events before 6 pm.
  • Don’t wear notched lapels. They are not formal enough for a proper tuxedo.
  • Flap pockets is the best choice. This is another business suit detail that will compromise your tux’s formal integrity.
  • Don’t put on shoes with too much detail like square toes etc..
  • NEVER wear a necktie, as this is too business-like for a tux.

Some Questions & Answers About a Tuxedo Wearing:

wearing a tuxedoIs Tuxedo good for Prom?

Prom is a memorable occasion for young men or teens.  Prom is a very special evening affair. Therefore, wearing a tuxedo is best to be considered more than a suit simply because suit can be worn any day, anywhere.


Tuxedo suits best for wedding that is scheduled at night.


Quinceanera oftentimes happened at night and a very special day for any girls. Therefore, it requires escorts to wear formal / semiformal evening suit  - a tuxedo.

Special events - business meetings? Business parties?

Again, this depends on the time of the event. Tuxedo is best for any evening affairs.

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