What bow tie to wear with a black suit

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What bow tie to wear with a black suit

Approaching the so-called "wedding season" for which you already have a wedding invitation or other long-organized event with a formal focus. Do you wonder what to do? A "scuffing" of available formal clothes begins, some of which you may not remember if you did not need it soon.

Many men are dressed sporty or sporty-elegant and have little idea how to make their vision more acceptable in a more formal style. Costume or Tuxedo? With what shoes to appear? With what shirt and what exactly accessories - belt, tie, watch and more? Well, do not worry, a gentleman can always look good dressing a classic black suit, a white shirt and a black poppy.

Is the suit suit suit allowed?

The suit is the second look of a man. Traditional costume suits include pants, jacket, shirt and tie. When everyday life implies wearing clothes in a similar style, the only direction we can think of is diversity. The gentleman's frequently asked question is: "Can we wear a suitcase with a suit?" Asking is quite predictable because the small element can contribute to change. Well, the answer is more than positive. The papyrus is possible to insert itself as an element in both formal, semi-formal, and everyday vision. You will even feel the high accent value - they are more versatile than ties. There are options with dimensions and ones that are adjustable. Choose a model that suits you well - highlight the shape of your face in the best way.

The fact that you have never had the courage to switch to a doll and a suit is never worrying. You will rather miss a lot if you do not get acquainted with the available manuals on permitted and unlawful combinations in the fashion of men's clothing. Experiment to touch the perfection.

Do not take the doll with a suit as a forbidden territory. Before you make the final decision to purchase and change the styling, make sure you understand the basic rules correctly. But not just those for a suit and a suit, but generally for wearing a suit. It has to fit in the situation and the occasion, to have a decent look - clean and smooth, to fit well on the shoulder and chest.

The length of the sleeves of the shirt and the jacket, as well as the length of the trousers, are according to your height and others. Regarding the bowl, the front is the most important - as the opening is larger, the less recommended a bow tie, and vice versa. The traditional tie takes more than the front focus. To know how to make the papyrus your focus, read the information below for the different types of costumes.

How to put on a black suit with a doll?

The costume's class lies not only in the model but also in the color. The black suit is not only the most practical but also the most sophisticated. What is characteristic of it is that it is formal and fits well into official events. The most traditional look in this direction is a black suit, a white shirt and a black cap or tie. The papyrus gives a different finesse and looks much more modern.

On the other hand, its variety in terms of right and pattern can break the black suit to unrecognizable. This is the advantage of the universal color. It can always be "created" on it and is much more practical. You do not have to close in a "conservative shell," wearing a black suit.

If you keep the little accent just as practical, bet on black or some other simple color - beige, brown. On the other hand, use the opportunities offered by the variety of shirts on the market. It is an accompanying element that is obligatory but can be combined with other visions - this is a prerequisite for achieving even greater functionality. Good hits for a bow tie in combination with a black suit are burgundy, dark green, blue, and why not something brighter than orange. Against this background, extra patterns, slots, and the like can be well outlined.

Types of costumes

A division of sorts of suits, which has a serious relation to the papyton, could be made. Depending on the type, the front of the jacket will be more open or closed. This is about how it clicks and the number of buttons. For a more appropriate tailor-made accessory to a tie, fashion critics impose a pattern that minimizes big chest visibility. This means the more buttons to fasten, the better for the papyrus. The choices you can choose are a one-button, two-way, two-way, or three-piece suit.

Cotton and suit with one button on the jacket

This type appears as a costume for more ordinary events but gradually acquires a higher degree of formality. Most of the shirt is on display, which is a prerequisite to choose a more interesting one. It is possible to bet in color, beyond the traditional white, including additional patterns on the main right. She assumes wearing a tie that covers the chest. The most appropriate is black if you bet on a more eccentric look on the shirt as well as on more formal events.

The cigar is not among the top offers for a one-button jacket because of the excessive open space. It would look small and insignificant, and the tie would be convex on a similar background. If you still have a cappuccino, you can add a resident who will fill the chest area. This automatically changes the situation. The choice for this type of suit is recommended for lower men. The long rever creates the illusion of a longer and weaker silhouette.

Jacket and suit with two buttons on the jacket

The two-button fastening option does not change the above situation. Although there are differences, the white space is again significant. In this version of the jacket the label emphasizes that only the top button is fastened. This costume is a little bit more casual - meeting in office vision, lunch, and many other similar occasions.

Again, there is a wide "V" shaped aperture that makes the tie more suitable. But to use all the features of the two-button suit, you could add a sweater over your shirt. In this way, the cookie automatically gets permission to intervene in the clothing of any black suit. Sweater or a more informal vest will further reduce the more formal look. This means that the suit can acquire a very different look to vary the tie and the cup. This "neckline" also stretches out the structure of the gentlemen.

Jacket and suit with three buttons on the jacket

The presence of a weakening and prolonging effect does not appear in the style of a three-button suit. Low gentlemen would not look as good as a one or two button suit. It is recommended to be worn by taller men - creating better proportionality of the body. On the other hand, the "V" - the shape is much shorter, allowing the wearing of a cap. You do not have to think about additional items - a sweater or a vest.

The visible part of the shirt is minimized. The label says that only the middle button or the upper and the middle one is fastened. The last one is left unbuttoned again. It is appropriate for all occasions and is often found in clothing among the male population. Depending on the style (classic, modern or dazzled) you could feel very comfortable and add your favorite cup. The material from which the costume is made further reduces or enhances the formality.

Cotton and suit with two rows on the buttons on the jacket

The two rows of buttons make the jacket more noticeable than any other model. Silver or golden shades are a great option for the outfit of the black suit. In principle, up to two column buttons are visible, but sometimes they reach up to four. Wear them on official occasions, and not so much. They issue a more formal look, but everything is a matter of preference and perception. Do not think that all the buttons on you must be locked. The average is enough to stick to the label. If you're wondering if it's a good match for this type of jacket, then do not doubt it. It is more appropriate than a tie and is even recommended to put it on your shirt.

The gap between the two lapelbars is much smaller than the above-mentioned models. You'll look amazing with the coupon in combination with a two-line suitcase jacket. All you have to watch out for is that you do not overdo the fabric and color mismatch. The coat and the fabric of the suit must be in sync. Do not go too far in terms of shirt and cigar. The focus will be on that, especially if the contrast is large. Better be the simplest to get the focus of the buttons.

Three-piece suitcase and suit


The three-piece suit is complemented by a matching vest. There are no strict fashion restrictions except for the fabric and the color range. Depending on your personal preference, the capabilities of the vest are to be of the same color, to contrast or to add a pox element. This type of costume creates extra volume and retains heat, so it is not very rational for warmer periods. Like the jacket, the bottom button of the jacket should be unbuttoned. This way you will feel comfortable and you will look good sitting.


Do not be fooled into being a hidden part because it creates a great impression on your interlocutors. Obligatory choose the exact size to fit you perfectly on the body - neither to hold tight nor too wide. The three-piece suit is suitable for almost every occasion, but it gives a more formal style. This is the second best offer for a suit with a bow tie, after the costume with the two-line button layout.

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