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What bow tie to wear with a tuxedo

The eternal hesitation of men when dressed officially is due to choosing between a tie or a cappuccino. Some consider the cigar to be the only right solution, although they are not her own supporters. Others - have the same preference for both types. Third, they would never "cheat" her, because they know that it means destroying a good formal look at themselves. Fashion professionals are categorical that the cigar is the right accessory. The events in formal and strict style include this small black accent, which in fact plays a major role in the overall sophisticated vision. It's not hard to buy a cup that suits you perfectly. You only need a little more in-depth information and know in advance what kind of tuxedo you will appear (classic, fashionable or otherwise). The goal is "the missing piece" of clothing to perfectly highlight the shapes of your face. You should not overlook the way you place it, but do not panic. Expert tethering makes a great impression, but every beginner does well - you will soon take it like tying your shoes.


Suitable colors and fabrics for bowtie


On many official evening events, high-ranking personalities meet in society, imposing appropriate clothing. If you are expected to be the subject of attention, the perfect look is even more necessary. It includes not only trousers and jackets, but also many additions. The complete set includes a tuxedo, shirt, bow tie, shoes and accessories combined with a confident gait. Once you are aware of all the elements, you have to choose the right pattern, color and fabric. It may have seemed like a complex mathematical task, but you need a serious approach to fashion requirements. Choosing the papyrus is sometimes overlooked, and can actually add an incredible texture - the fabric and the color should match the season and the level of formality.


Silk (including Silk Satin, Knit Silk, Silk Twill)


А traditional papyan fabric that gives a personal expression using some additions. The fabric is among the top sewing preferences for patterns that are adjustable or have a certain size. The silk glow or the more glossy option - satin silk, emphasizes the individuality of a man. Satin is among the typical fabrics for making a tux, which adds value. It is placed as an emphasis on the lapel, the pocket filaments or the side stitch of the trousers. In case you've stopped on a tuxedo outfit, the satin scarf will be the end to achieve perfection


Wool, velvet (including Wool flannel, Tartan)


Both for sewing the jacket, trousers, waistcoat or belt of the tuxedo, wool and velvet are also used to make towels and ties. It would be a great combination of woolen tuxedo with a woolen cappuccino in one shade. These fabrics are suitable for autumn and winter clothing as they are thicker. There is no other tissue to keep the heat and to keep you from chilly cold. You would not feel comfortable, however, if you bet on prickly threads and a similar bow tie in the spring and summer. Then the effect for you would be the opposite because you would break your comfort at an important time - wedding, ball, business meeting and more




Color gives different attitude in every aspect. It contributes to the different interior of the home, color combinations in the garden speak a lot about the owner and its essence, and the nuances of the clothes are even more important. In fact, the first thing people see in you is what you are dressed in - a way of color combining, pattern and fabric. Strict rules of fine attitude in everyday life can be violated, but not when it comes to evening dress in a tuxedo.


You have to be aware of the level of formalness of the celebration, but the classic color of a tuxedo cap is black. It never goes out of fashion and nothing can replace it from the first place. Other suitable colors are graphite, lighter gray, dark blue and brown. Select the color of the shoes and the bow tie in the same color if you want to "shimmer"


Why choose a size template instead of an adjustment option


You have hardly thought about the many factors that influence the choice of a cappuccino. You probably define it as ordinary elements that appear in the whole ensemble, but it is not. The cigar can tell a lot about the tuxedo owner. In this regard, there are many options made of different fabrics - adjustable or dimensioned.


Most are adjustable because they make it easy for the manufacturer, and the final cost of production is cheaper. This also makes the end for users lower. It does not take much time and effort to carry out the various technical processes and subsequent size sorting in warehouses. True gentlemen, however, hold on to their individual style. They prefer to pay a higher price to get the exact size of a cigar. The main reasons for this are:


The adjustable cigarette lighter has a fastener that is visible when wearing shirts with certain collars. These towels will oblige you to wear models that will hide this small flaw. The size drawer has a tape that has a spectacular look. In this case, you have no restrictions on a shirt suitable for a tuxedo


The metal particles of adjustable cups can damage the type of shirt and jacket. After a while rusting and rubbing in the fabric, ruining your expensive investment

There is no visible buckle on the adjustable nappies, dressing the "jagged" collar. However, at the end of the event, everything is on display. It is common practice to untie, and this leads to revealing "hidden secrets" - the type of the papyrus, expertly or not tied, and others

The size tray will not make it difficult for the consumer to make the final decision. Only, you have to make the necessary measurement on your neck. On the other hand, the adjustable ones are unsuitable for a thinner neck (such as 14 or 14.5). It would violate a man's aesthetic appearance and self-esteem. It is advisable not to rely on standards, but to take your own customized paper. Do not forget to measure your neck to determine the exact size.


4 types of black bowtie, suitable for formal tuxedo vision


Due to the constraints in the colors of the papyps, compared to the tie, the designers design a variety of patterns. The production of small details has something to offer the gentlemen in formal style. Not all papyps are the same, although they seem to look like they are. You have several options that emphasize your personality, style, and personality in general. Stay in shades in the wardrobe, but not in color, but in the direction of fabric and pattern. If you want to achieve a complete fit and personality among others, choose a suitable size cookie. The top offers in the black "cravats" for the tux are four main Butterfly, Semi-Butterfly, Straight End and Pointed.




The butterfly-like shape is a classic in the production of papyons. It will definitely come into your use now and after many years. This model acquires the name "owl" or "big butterfly" due to its size. This probably tells you that it is not suitable for every person, but rather is considered a universal version. Typically, the gentlemen are the first bowl of this species, but some aspects have to be respected. Switch to another option if you enter the "low-body, low-body" category. The Butterfly model will "blind" the features of your face and disturb your overall vision. In other cases, bet on the traditional one, and start filling in your collection with this type.



This type is considered to be the most classic style of bowls. Their work dates back to the longest, but keeps interest until today. Besides the most traditional version, it also comes in the list of the most conservative ones. This suggestion is appropriate for every man - from the beginner in this way of dressing to the most experienced. Those with a width of 2-2.5 inches are among the best accents. The good news is that production is easier and technological processes are being carried out more quickly. This is a prerequisite for their lower cost. If you do not want to spend a significant amount on the little item in the outfit, bet on this option


Straight End


At first glance there is a classic style, but with an emphasis on modern and elegant. Among the traditional Butterfly and Semi-Butterfly versions, the Straight End will stand out. This bow tie is suitable for men with narrower faces and for those who want to break the traditional in itself. Select a similar box from a selection if you want to look more than great. You can meet the pattern in a variety of fabrics, with satin being the one that produces high class and good taste. If you reach Straight End, you will be proud of your bold choice. Diversity is needed in every respect, even more so in men's clothing. Do not resort to the typical - experiment.




This style is a complete reversal of the classic genre of papyons. Butterfly and Semi-Butterfly are among the most popular models. You will not encounter any difficulty finding them, unlike Pointed. It is considered the most pretentious purchase, preferred by wealthy people and men in high positions. Often the accent is called the "diamond point". If you are a fan of James Bond Tuxedo, this option will become a favorite for you. A good option is for gentlemen with narrower faces. Pointed cigarette papers differ from the others at their tipped tip. Recommended for those who want to get an extra touch to the whole ensemble. Typically, the "diamond point" is an investment to add to the more traditional models already available.

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