What makes you good looking in a suit

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What makes you good looking in a suit

The time when the men reached for the first clean dress of the wardrobe passed away. They are now pretentious to their dressing style and keep up to date with fashion trends. Many of the gentlemen do not leave their home if the mirror does not reflect their perfect appearance. How can a man look the best?

Probably young children would respond in the same way - in a suit. It does not matter if you come to an evening cocktail with a tuxedo, hold a business meeting, invite you to a birthday party in a more formal setting or have another occasion. Clothing is a key factor in each of these situations. Stick to a suit of the exact size, appropriate color according to the event, season and degree of formality. Do not forget the shoes and all the accessories that emphasize clothing.

Why is the suit so important to a man?

The clothes you wear present you to the world. Your vision is important to the audience. It includes the passers-by on the streets, the human resource specialist interviewing you for a position, the consultants in the trade networks that serve you and all the women around you. Have you ever thought that you are the target of so many people? On the basis of your appearance, you create the first impression of you, of your profession and behavior. Interpretation and feedback to you depends on the type of clothing, shoes, hair, and beard support. The more unwise you allow yourself to leave your home, the more neglected you will be. Choose your style depending on how you want your surroundings to behold, albeit initially only at the subconscious level. Do you really know how important the suit is?


Тhe availability of self-esteem is an important factor for a mature man. The unpleasant thing is that there is often a lack of balance - someone suffers from over-confidence without cover, while others are too tight. If you are of the second type but have the skills and knowledge that can improve your life, the stylish suit will give you a "weight" to look more authoritative. Do not be afraid to show what you know and you can. Losses for you, in the opposite case, will be much more

It shows serious attitude, style and class

If you want to accept yourself as a meaningful and valued person, you have to follow some basic rules. Do not allow yourself to appear in everyday style to influential people in business, to potential customers, and so on. It is very likely to prevent your relationships with them if you approach this way. Bet on well-behaved vision and good manners. This will contribute to a high degree of agreement on certain suggestions on your part

Impress others

If you want to stay unnoticed - well, if your goal is in the opposite direction - the suit will come to your rescue. It has not happened once that there have been exclamations of the type - "Wow, great taste". Perhaps such a replica will cause a wide smile to you and your whole day will be much more positive. Show your colleagues that you are able to dress in an ideal way. A lot of men will envy you for this decision, and women will be delighted

It helps to fit into a more formal setting

You need to have an accurate judgment about the current situation to choose the most appropriate outfit. You can go for a walk or to the nearby store dressed daily, but in the office or in a more formal environment - the costume is a must. You also need to be careful with the color contrasts and the model. You will never be wrong if you choose dark shades with a white shirt and appropriate shoes. This is the most traditional look in a suit that never loses its relevance

The costume is the best business apparel

The business loves the formal and sporty-elegant look that can give a suit. Not in vain all employees of leadership positions and influential people in the country are dressed only in costumes. It is necessary not only to distinguish yourself from the employees. By performing your duties, you are required to represent the company in the best possible way. However, executives are the main facet of any company because they have been trusted by the owner. Correspondence and important decisions pass through their eyes

Steps to achieve perfection in men's clothing

Achieving perfection in fashion is a very delicate moment to which you need to be treated with refinement. It is clear that you have to wear a suit to meet your goal, but there are a number of additions to it. Some fine touches to clothing can give you a lot of freshness, but be careful not to get the reverse effect - a lot of unnecessary elements. Following these steps and adhering to some basic rules imposed by fashion critics will help you get an impressive vision. Correction to some accessories and changing your shoes is possible, but when investing in a suit is not gross errors:

Choose the appropriate suit according to the type of body you have

Every garment and cut conforms individually. Measure the hips, waist, shoulder, chest circumference, and the lengths of the arm and thigh. This will help you find out what size you are, and then try out several costume designs in classic, slim and fashionable styles. This makes it easier to target a particular species. There are patterns that can mask your imperfections. Focus on a slightly wider and lighter suit if you are too skinny. The black suit in turn creates an illusion for a weaker body.

Make sure the suit is clean and smooth before you put it

The number rule is to check out what your suit looks like, especially if it stays intact on the hanger for months. In case you do not have a good look, you will have the opportunity to react - you should take it to dry cleaning. You will be insured by the extra worries that you will deal with yourself. The suit must be clean and smooth for any occasion. Otherwise, they will think you are unattractive to your appearance, making it an extremely bad impression. Do not allow yourself to hear such words

Dress shirt under jacket

Аllowed routines are shirt or t-shirt, but to achieve perfection, put on the shirt. There will probably be questions like: what color shirt? What kind of fabric and what cut? Well, that could mean two things. You are either expert or too worried about the upcoming case. The requirements for the shirt state that it should be consistent with the degree of formality and in the buckle you feel comfortable. You will not be serious about yourself if you go to a business collection with a pink shirt. Especially if everyone around you is in dark shades, or more neutral ones. From there, try straight and slim shirts to see in both ways. Fasten the shirt to the last button to see if the collar tightens you in the neck area

Do not forget about the tie or the bow tie

Тhe front part looks incomplete without the presence of the tie or the bow tie. They are part of the highlights that get caught up in the first moment. Be careful in your choice and make a perfect knot. Here the variety varies more than anything else in the overall composition. From the most simple and neutral to the many with many contrasts and additional ornaments. With a new tie or poppy will always look different, almost like a new suit. You could use this idea and buy two, three types in different nuances and pox if you can even stop there. It is possible that a world of abundance exists in the fashion market

Bet on accessories

Тhese elements break the overall look of the combination you choose from shirt, shoes and suit. Be careful not to overdo the accents. In general, stick to the rule - no more than two colors. Also, a black suit with brown accessories is considered a perfect combination, but not if your shirt is for example a burgundy or a purple range. Colors vary too much and aesthetics are lost. If you think you're going to have difficulty dressing up, bet that safe and simple. Then the possibilities for gross misunderstandings will be minimized

Choose the appropriate suit shoes

Cinderella is open on its shoes, and the look of her husband looks on her shoes. It is possible to bet on leather, varnish or sports-elegant shoes depending on the style of the suit. Nowadays, the costumes are not just strictly formal and give you the opportunity to try different directions. Think of shoes as an investment, because if you take good care of them, they will get you into long-term use. Do not spend money because quality material and workmanship are expensive. Only so, that you will shine in front of the biggest shoe connoisseurs. They will look first at your feet. Many women and men have a passion for them and look intuitively down.

Keep your hair, beard and fingernails flawless

You must have a perfect look to become a masterpiece for the public. Also included is a large dose of personal hygiene. The task is complex - beautiful and stylish suit, suitable shoes, accessories, friendly face and hands. Unlike women who can make a different makeup, men emphasize the latest in hair styling and beard shaping. Personal care is fast and the ugly hands are taboo. They can not be masked by "wearing" a suit for which you paid a high price. Make an experiment - get yourself a longer or shorter beard than usual at the next. You will definitely surprise the others with your appearance. Is that the goal? - perfection to the end.

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