What's better for prom suit or tux?

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What's better for prom suit or tux?

Prom, Homecoming or the ball are all extremely important occasions for a teenager and clothing is among the most labor-intensive tasks. There is always a great deal of excitement and comments as to ‘who’ to wear. Everybody's striving to be the best dressed.  Opportunities for boys are not as varied as the ladies, but the well-known brands have something to offer.


The difficult decision is due to hesitation between a tuxedo or traditional suit, a shirt or a t-shirt under the jacket, what type of tie, and so on. Some bet more on comfort and practicality, while others in more sophisticated style.


Differences between Tuxedo and Suit?


The distance between the tuxedo and the suit is getting shorter - the similarity is so great that it is almost unrecognizable. Far more variety has been brought in by the tuxedo in recent years. Myths about the traditional species with which you associate the James Bond T-shirt are dropped. The change is abundant with a wide array of new colors, but there are still some intricacies where you can recognize the tuxedo in front of the suit.


  • The back of the jacket - the long helmet is popular with the tuxedo, and this makes it different from the traditional jacket, but not always. Often in the past, it is preferred because of this accent or vice versa - that's what the customers are doing away with. There may be a slit, but it is not necessary You can certainly stand out if you are wearing a tuxedo, but you have to think if it is rational.
  • The presence of satin - the satin details in the tuxedo models are the main difference between them and suits.  Satin buttons, satin side stripe on the pants on the pants and satin lapels are an indication of tuxedo. Suits are usually made of the same material and the buttons are plastic.
  • The accessories - not that it is unacceptable, but more often tied accessories with the tuxedo are vests, eyelets, belts, bow ties and others. Suits tend to choose a tie and wear only a shirt, a T-shirt or a sweater - with or without a vest. However, your appearance is due to your personal preferences, but these are among the more outstanding elements. The goal is for the young men to feel comfortable and to embrace clothes and accessories, to choose for the special occasion.
  • The style of the shirt - it is desirable to wear a shirt under the jacket at a ball. The difference between the tuxedo and the suit is that you will notice a white shirt beneath the tuxedo, while you can experiment with more colors under the jacket of the suit. Various shades are allowed in the suit because the tuxedo is strictly formal clothing. So, first, the style guidelines need to be clarified.
  • Shoes - shoes are part of the clothing attire and are no less important.  Besides, they should look well-maintained, if not new, they have to match the type of clothing - daily, sporty-elegant or strictly formal. It is imperative to wear black formal tuxedo shoes while in a suit may be sporty-elegant. For the prom, think of a model that will then be worn, especially if you have put in large amounts.


Which clothing is more suitable for a ball - a suit or a tuxedo?


The question of what is more appropriate clothing for a ballet suit or tux is often asked. There are some basic aspects to familiarize with, dressing teens in the final version. This is an occasion that means a lot for a child. This is the reason for the big headaches in choosing clothes. See three main points that can help you make this decision.


The suits are stylish and more versatile than the tuxedo


The tuxedo is an outfit that will make you feel better than the suit. It is mostly due to the satin elements on the jacket and trousers. This, however, presents it in a hard form that has little room for inserting something different. You can experiment with a color other than the traditional black (for example, graphite or blue). Characteristic of the tuxedo is the more strict type - sticking to it eliminates flexibility. The suit, on the other hand, is designed for greater flexibility.  The jacket and pants can also vary in different colors - black, blue, gray, burgundy and others. In addition, they reissue a strictly formal, sporty-elegant or typically modern look. The effect of each of them is achieved through the suit design and the mandatory additions to it.


Functionality lies in the possibility to combine with a shirt or a T-shirt, a tie or a bow tie, with cuffs or without. The shirt is one of the elements that can be highlighted if this is your goal. For some visions, it is acceptable to wear a tight or straight shirt to contrast. The type of pocket, as well as the pattern of the tie, are the following accents, which emphasize more modern, more daily or more formal. The tux requires wearing tuxedo shoes until the suit is off. In the first option - you'll probably have to spend extra money to get your dream shoes. In the second - polishing a pair of shoes from your collection that are appropriate and do not look worn will do a great job. When choosing an informal outfit in a suit, it is even allowed to save the tie from a tie for more comfort. Tuxedo without a cappuccino is a matter of personal choice, but it is outside the aesthetic rules.


The tuxedo has a higher cost than the suit


The opinion and the desire of the celebrity are the main factors for choosing between a suit or a tuxedo, but there is no way to neglect the part with the financial means. The "tuxedo appearance" is more formal, but not as practical as the suit. Moreover, the suit has a wider application in everyday life. You should also consider a rental option as well. Look for different offers in online space to get acquainted with the current offer. Such a future deal will save you a lot of costs that can subsequently be invested in another direction. It would be a sensible act on the part of the teenager in your home.


Otherwise, if you are aiming for high quality fabric and technical workmanship, you can reach several thousand dollars. It is important to have the necessary measurements to determine the proper size. If a young man falls into the "standard" category - the chance to save a certain amount is greater. Go to plan B if major adjustments are required - custom sewing. As you know, the individual order of a given measurement is much more expensive than a confection. It is desirable if you get here - to find out what options are available for rent. Still, it's about one night - just a few hours. Traders offer "branded men's clothing" on multiple brands where you can find a smaller size option


Tuxedo is more formal clothing than the suit


It is almost certain that a tuxedo is doomed to collect dust in the closet. Generally, designers are firm in their recommendations for the tuxedo - for official evening events. It is assumed that it is unacceptable before 5pm to dress in this way. In contrast, suits can have a dual role - suitable for everyday business meetings, working environment, prom, wedding, and more. Their application is much larger and more likely to be exported in the future.


With a tux, surely everyone will "shine" at the event because he has a message of special attitude. However, you have to decide whether it is worth this investment for several hours. The distinctive features of a formal degree between the tuxedo and the suits are as follows:


  • Color - Suits are produced with more colors and lighter shades - black, blue, gray and more. Black is a classic and gives style. You will find similar patterns in both the tuxedo and the suits. The tuxedo is mainly in black, because of the glory it carries - a strict formality for an evening event
  • Pockets - the tuxedo pockets are typically made of satin. The pockets add extra elegance to the bottom and top, while the suits feature almost all kinds of pockets. The characteristic left square square opening at the top of the jacket jacket is most often in white or black
  • Shoes - so-called "tuxedo shoes" are more elegant and sometimes extravagant - mostly men’s Opera Pumps. They give you a different style than the daily pairs you wear. Some types of suits are allowed to wear with the sporty shoe, though there are some exceptions with the sneakers. It largely depends on the formality you want to achieve
  • Jacket Lapel - The other distinctive feature between the jacket and the tuxedo is the lapel. In the tuxedo it features a thinner line of shiny cloth. The jacket of the suit is made of the same kind of material. The rave is an element that is noticeable and sateen stands out even more
  • Shirt - in the tuxedo you have no choice for a great choice of shirt - white. If you wear a suit, you can choose almost any color as long as the occasion allows it. Additionally, the tuxedo requires a bow tie, while the suit has a choice - a bow tie or a tie. Each of them may vary from pattern or color
  • Trousers - the tampons of the tux pants are also made of satin, both lace and pocket filaments. It is in a straight classic form. The trousers that are part of the suit - no such additions or accents. The material is one and varies in a classic straight variant, dull or modern


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