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What tuxedo shirt is in style

You do not have to be fashion experts to get a good look. If, however, your striving is to get "head to toe", your choice is the tux. The whole ensemble is not just clothing but style. Prepare that the investment is solid. You may have to spend a lot of time taking a final decision. Meet every detail and consider the acceptable combinations. Be in sync not only with fashion trends, but also with your preferences and physics. You can not even imagine the possibilities and what variety is found in a white shirt that is considered the most suitable accent under the tuxedo. It is not just a "white canvas" that contrasts. It contributes to your finesse, highlights the personal contribution to the vision and is the basis for putting another important accessory - the bowl.

Tuxedo Shirt Styles

The shirt can add contrast or add extra accent, including buttons, pleats, etc. It's not just hidden under the tuxedo without performing any function. On the contrary, every element contributes to a good vision. Absence or incorrect interference (color, fabric, size) helps to improve or distort your appearance. It is important to adhere to the atmosphere of the evening event, wedding or ball to stay in sync with it.

Tuxedo Shirt Collar Styles

The jacket should not be overlooked because it is an important part of highlighting your face. It is desirable to give confidence and class. For that, you must first feel comfortable and look beautiful - so the others will welcome you. Part of achieving this result is due to the right collar according to the type of face and cap that fits well on your neck. There are two basic types of collars suitable for a tuxedo shirt:

Wing collars - this is the most formal type of collar, with a very atypical shape. It is considered an ideal option in combination with a classic tuxedo. It gets its name thanks to the interesting appearance. It is a straight, relatively "short" collar that bends at the front. This accent, in fact, resembles wings - that is why it becomes known by that name. The shirt is designed to be worn with a cap - the two parts are "made for each other". It can be said that they are the ideal ending and proper targeting of a gentleman's face

Spread collars

This kind of collar is the one that first appears in a man's perceptions. It is most common, most preferred by the male population, the most practical is the pulses in the most varied variety. A shirt with a similar collar allows you to put a tie and a bow tie. Both ways will point you with a finger, but in a positive aspect. They will present you as elegant, modern but not so strictly official. Functional type collar, which allows you to use a shirt in combination with a suit and a tuxedo. Such a more expensive investment turns out to be profitable in the long run

Other collars

Stake the coat according to the event and its sophistication. It is important to satisfy your own desires - a more formal or informal type. "Bear collar shirt" or "Nehru collar shirt" are among the designers' suggestions for a more neglected style, because the models allow you to be without a tie or a cappuccino. "Band banders" give the tuxedo a chic spectrum and are among the most modern types. The shirt is stunning, but if the occasion is not too formal

Tuxedo Shirt Bibs

This type of shirts stands out from the rest with an added emphasis. Some gentlemen are not perceived in this slightly extravagant way, but for others it is a mandatory element of the tuxedo. It is something like a rectangular panel on the front of the shirt, which is still below the collar and crossing the entire chest. The possibilities of "Bibs" shirts are pleat or pickeys that are located vertically on both sides of the buttons. They are considered to be strictly formal shirts, which eliminates their use in everyday life.

Tuxedo Shirt Plackets

The card is the part of the shirt on which the buttons are located. It can be called a strip of the same fabric that is attached differently. There are 4 basic options to choose from - front placket, no placket, cover placket, front tuxedo.

Front placket

The most popular type. The fabric is folded and sewn with a lining to give a classic and symmetrical look. Buttons are on display but are not replaceable for tuxedo clothing

Tuxedo front (plain front)

From the name you need to make it clear that this is a shirt made for special needs - tuxedo clothing. Do not appear like this in the office, in the everyday life or in the theater, because you can become a mockery. Every garment has its exact purpose and it has to be respected. It resembles the type of french front, but the front four buttons are removable to acquire a tuxedo

No placket (french front)

This type of shirts are more functional - suitable for both suit and tux. Typical of the model is that it does not have a similar sewn strap. There is a maximum clear placket

Covered placket (fly front)

Gives a formal look to the clothing. There is an additional piece on the fastening. This leaves a mystery about the way of fastening and the type of the buttons, because they are hidden under the fabric


Shirt Cuffs

Barrel Cuffs

The so-called "Barrel Cuffs" are fastened with buttons. Most of the shirts are made with similar cuffs. Due to the fact that they have a more casual look and the demand is bigger. They are the most traditional type of cuffs, which can always be highlighted to make them a tuxedo. Buttons (cufflinks) are those who do wings with the type of cuffs

French cuffs

French cuffs are a symbol of official. They could "cult" your way of dressing if you appear with a similar shirt and tuxedo. Such cuffs show the finesse that suits your appearance. They are much wider than ball cuffs, but they are folded and closed with exquisite buttons. You can not go unnoticed among the connoisseurs of good and quality.

3 basic styles of the tux shirt

As the style of the suit and the tuxedo give a different degree of formality, the shirt can not remain in the background. The finest finish is achieved with taste and attention to every item and accessory. Do not let yourself experiment with combinations that are forbidden by fashion professionals to achieve what you are aiming for. Turn to the "cake icing" of the event, not just "some appetizer," which is often overlooked. Choose a formal, semi-formal or fashionable style and dress up that shirt.


The classic style shirt is suitable for the most formal dress possible. The gentlemen expect a high-level meeting. The traditional one says, "There is nowhere to be wrong if you wear a classic shirt with a classic black papyan". If you often fall into such events, it would be the best choice for you. In case you just want to look through another prism other than the daily - the traditional formal dress will make this wish come true. The characteristics of this type of shirt are as follows:

  • Collar - Wing tip
  • Bib - Pleated
  • Placket - Tuxedo - Plain Front

Required on the "Wing" collar is a cappuccino. In the chest area there is the typical pleat of the model, which is an indication of clothing only with a tuxedo. Accept an absolute fashion ban on wearing this type of shirt in a suit. The visible front, in particular in the fastening area, has buttons. The black buttons contrast great on the white shirt.


This type of shirt is midway between formal and modern. It usually takes place at a meeting or event that is not accompanied by a compulsory dress shirt. Extremely suited model in which you will feel comfortable and you will be elegant, without the need for extremes in your outfit. Select this type of "white canvas" to shine the other accents - for example, the tissue and the pattern of the tuxedo and papyton. It is suitable for those who can not target a particular style.

  • Collar - Wing tip
  • Bib - None
  • Placket - Covered (Fly Front)

The design of this proposal 50/50 has a collar that is typical for the formal type of shirt - "Wing". Again a papiant is recommended. It is desirable to wear the semi-formal shirt with a tuxedo because of the collar. The difference from the all-class tuxedo shirt, but the similarities to the modern type are in the absence of pleats and the effect of the buttons is hidden from fabric. Clogging is almost unrealistic.


Modern can be said to be a combination of semi-formal and informal. If you're invited to a party or other non-standard clothing event, this shirt is perfect for your vision. You will look stylish, fashionable and creative, and at the same time you will feel comfortable. Experiments in modern vision are allowed more than any other vision. Use your imagination and try what attracted you to the men's formal clothing stores.

  • Collar - Spread
  • Bib - None
  • Placket - Covered (Fly Front)

At first sight, you can easily be misled whether the shirt is semi-formal or modern. Look at your collar - it will tell you. Unlike the formal and semi-formal cut, there is a "spread" collar here. It allows you to put a beautiful accessory - a cup or a tie, but it can be worn without either. You are entitled to personal preference to ensure your comfort. Again the model has no pleats, but the new one is suitable for both tuxedo and suit. This option is the most practical of all listed. As with the semi-formal type, there are no buttons.

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