What tuxedos are in style 2019?

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What tuxedos are in style 2019?

For another year, the tuxedo keeps top position for the highest style in men's favorite clothing. The fashion trends in the current months vary especially in the color and fabrics used to make the tuxedo. Wool, silk and satin elements are some of the most commonly used fabrics, but they are highly contrasting with each other. Take care of your perfect vision for the two main periods - warmer and cold weather. The wave will contribute to your class performance in autumn and winter, while in spring and summer you will need a high quality silk tuxedo. Having two ensembles, even the most important event at the last minute, will not surprise you to the extent that you appear in a ridiculous appearance. It is only important to match the proposals for 2019 yеar. The real gentleman thinks in advance and invests wisely.

What distinguishes the tuxedo from the costume and the other garments?

The typical tuxedo description can be framed in three words - formal, stylish and fashionable. The biggest challenge faced by fashion designers and critics is breaking the traditional black and white wedding tuxedo. Although seemingly identical to the jacket and trousers of the costumes, it does not in vain have a different name. The main feature of the tuxedo is the presence of satin. It turns into individual clothing, accentuating with effects on some basic details of the upper and lower parts:

  • On the jacket lapel - a typical tux has a satin rever, no matter its different pattern
  • On the pockets of the pockets, there is a lot of glitter that emphasizes the pockets of the jacket
  • By the buttons of the jacket - unlike the jacket and the jacket of the two or three-piece suit, which are plastic, the socks are satinated. In this way, the upper part is refined
  • On the side of the pants - the satin ribbon that you will notice at the tuxedo is a distinctive feature from the traditional trousers of the costume

The tuxedo is typical evening clothing, which shows its specificity. There is no way you can "merge" with the rest if you bet on quality workmanship, cut and the right size. The success of perfect vision lies 50% in the way the article is made and 50% in the body fit, adding the right accessories and shoes.

A Guide to Trendy Tuxedo Trends in 2019

Exhaustive tips and in-depth information will help you save hours at your computer or smartphone to browse the internet. It's normal not to be experts in the field, but for good looks you should not compromise. The tuxedo is an outfit that dresses for occasions that happen only once in the life - ball, wedding and more. Whether you choose a more traditional type or bet more modern - keep track of trends. Your outfit shows your individual choice that you should not be exposed to. Below you will learn all the important aspects in the following areas:

  • Tuxedo Jacket Styles
  • Tuxedo Shirt Styles
  • Tuxedo Neckwear
  • Tuxedo Pants
  • Tuxedo Shoes
  • Tuxedo Accessories

Tuxedo Jacket Styles

The cost of the jacket varies depending on the fabric and the additional details. Do not ignore them because they are a great contributor to your good vision. Black is not just black. Behind the model lies much more - the cut, sewing quality, lapel, pockets, buttons and other highlights:

Tuxedo Lapel Styles

From the point of view of the lapel, this year modern Notch Lapels, Shawl collars and Peak Lapels. Notch Lapels are thought to be more casual than others and are considered universal. Meet the costumes and jacket jacket. Shawl collars are the so-called "shawls". Ravers have a modern rounded shape without additional slots. Peak Lapels has an interesting top that is face-to-face. They are wider and are considered a more formal type of rever. They create a visual effect for a thinner and higher body structure

Tuxedo color and materials

The modern tuxedo ensemble is not always black and white, but is undoubtedly the most traditional - it never loses its relevance. You probably think of a graphite look that breaks the standards or the lighter gray. Generally, brighter and more colorful shades are more acceptable for the warmer months of the year. This year, as an alternative to black, dark blue is often used. More contrasting shades are also among the guidelines, but you have to make sure you're going to something like a show-program or an important business event on which your future depends.

The best tuxedo is made of wool. The fabric is dense, well suited to the body, is insulated, breathable and has a high stamina. For this reason, it is among the most popular fabrics. They may be mistaken for the wave, but surely the good work is not unnoticed. Winter fabrics vary in a wide variety, add a touch of box and other motifs. The velvet is also among the top trends for the year. The plush top is more functional. You will not look ridiculous and hardly "winter" if you put it in the warmer period. Bet on this option if you are looking for a rational investment

Tuxedo Button Styles

The buttons on the tuxedo jacket also "talk". Variations with one, two or three buttons are encountered. What they say is that the smaller the number, the more formal the appearance is. Types with a single button are most common - they are considered the most official. Those with two buttons are more rare, but they bring a slight variety in the upper outfit. They are suitable for events from evening cocktail to a less pretentious wedding. The third type is with three buttons - they are the least in the men's formal wear shops, because they give a more neglected appearance. All three are among the trends in 2019, but it is important to keep up with the level of formality. Keep in mind that the dressed Satin buttons add much more sophistication than any suit jacket. Dress different types and your individuality will stand out in one of them

Double Breasted Jackets

The two-line knob layout is a kind of "hug" at the front of the tux jacket. It is determined by fashion critics for a more formal appearance than a one-line one. The latest trends in making a tuxedo with this type of fastening is that they are thinner and perfectly emphasize the body of the man. You will probably feel flattered by compliments if you bet on a similar jacket. Choose the right length and exact size to fit you perfectly in the shoulder and chest area. Then you can go down the streets and go to the next important event.

Tuxedo Shirt Styles

This is a kind of "box of expression" on the cigar. Although it does not look so noticeable, it actually has two important endings - collar and cuffs. Her interference in clothing is of great importance. As trends tend to imply a white shirt in particular as an opportunity for clothing under the tux, the options are to choose a different model. This year on the podiums are presented a strong type of wing, spread, bibs. If you are not fond of shirts, designers have also thought about it - buy Shirt Plackets. Options for such a fabric with the knobs are front placket, no placket (french front), covered placket (fly front), plain front. Among the suggestions for a cuff type this year Barrel and French are allowed.

Tuxedo Neckwear

Combine the tuxedo with a bow tie and you will not be wrong this year or any other. The black color is the most traditional and is well suited to this year's trends. Colors and fabric bring the greatest variety, although the model also contributes to this. Silk cravats are an accent that should stay very well, so choose a type with a certain size, not adjustable. Silk, satin, wool and velvet are among the top trends of the year.

Tuxedo Pants

The two vertical satin stripes of the legs give the tuxedo the vision. Take care of the length of your trousers so you do not look ridiculous among other guests or business partners. If you are not aware of the requirements, consult a tailor or sales consultant. Length is among the easiest and possible adjustments, but for taller men a model may be short, and then there is nothing to be done. The cut and the appearance of the trousers create an illusion of a higher structure. Multiple combinations with the jacket in color are possible as long as they are appropriate for your event, your skin color and body type.

Tuxedo Shoes

The first and basic rule for shoes is to be thoroughly cleaned before use. The next is to have no milling and not look too dampened. Tuxedo shoes vary greatly from any shoes you may have owned. There are some special models that are best suited for tuxedos. The question is whether you want to look in a classic way, in a more modern style or more extravagant. Among the allowed combinations and trends for the year are Patent Leather, Cap toe shoes and Loafers. Varnished skin draws attention just as much as the rest of the satin glow. In combination, a masterpiece is obtained. Appropriate shoes that also give good effect are the combination of matte and varnish. As a boot type, the moccasins are the most up-to-date this year. Choose a coarse variation or a pair of velvet moccasins in black or more eccentric (blue, green, burgundy, etc. if the occasion allows for such a party style)

Tuxedo Accessories

Accessories and their interference at the right time are useful for a good vision. Among the allowed for the tuxedo this year are the cufflinks and pocket squares. It should be emphasized the fact of banning a belt in combination with a tuxedo. His presence eliminates him from this group and attributes it to the ordinary formal suit. Clogging of the cufflinks gives the appearance of a precious jewel, and through the "pocket squares" a "sip of freshness" and a fine shade can be given at any moment. Demonstrate sophistication with the right accessories.

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