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Which shoes to wear with tuxedo

Maybe you are not overwhelmed daily with important evening events, which makes you dress too formal and exquisite. But a self-respecting man must always have at least one similar set. To do this, buy a tuxedo and beautiful shoes. You will always look impressive on a business evening cocktail or evening wedding.

Tuxedo is a special outfit that should be worn in the right way with the right accessories and shoes. Keep in mind that you need to achieve complete perfectionism - to the smallest detail. Sometimes the most expensive garment could be left in the background if you're serious about your shoes. Your appearance in a wrinkled form is also inadmissible.

So, go serious and fill the collection in your wardrobe with a tuxedo, white shirt, black tie or cappuccino, belt and black shoes. If you have a difficulty in choosing a shoe, lay on material such as Patent Leather, Calfskin, Velvet, mainly in black. The models that correspond to such an official vision are four main ones - Oxford, Slipper, Opera Pump, Venetian Loafer.


Types of material for making shoes suitable for use with tuxedo

The same pattern of shoes made of different material adds variety to clothing. The degree of formality can be enhanced or reduced by just one accent - an accessory or by the shoes. The shoes are pretty much like clothes and maybe so their combination is very important. Think about what an impression would create the same kind of clothing - for example, a men's cotton and satin shirt. Cloth and stitch are the factors that change the vision and give a more formal or daily emphasis. So do your shoes - choose Patent Leather, Calfskin or Velvet for your Oxfords, Opera Pump, Venetian Loafer or Slippers. These are the latest fashion trends that are required when wearing a tuxedo. Your perfect vision is secure with any solution from the ones mentioned.


Patent Leather

The lacquer draws attention just like the tuxedo. Therefore, the combination between the two elements is in sync. Achieving perfection is sometimes extremely difficult, even in the external vision. This does not mean that you have to save effort, but on the contrary - bet on quality and you will not regret it. Varnished leather is among the materials for making shoes that does not go out of fashion.

Their wear is a bit easier compared to Calfskin Leather and Velvet, as they are susceptible to scratching and milling the varnish. Bet on Oxfords, Opera Pump and Venetian style made of varnish, but choose higher quality to ensure a longer endurance. Take care of the imitations that can lead you. For periodic maintenance use a suitable polish for polished leather and a soft cloth that will not cause scratches. The coarser materials will ruin your beautiful shoes.

Calfskin Leather

Leather shoes produced by calves are known for their outstanding workmanship. Calfskin Leather is mainly used for making men's shoes. A leather calf gets about three pairs of shoes in case a relatively small amount of leather is required. They emphasize the elegance of male physics and make the gait look "heavier". Calfskin Leather polished men's shoes look remarkable, and in combination with a tuxedo, you will shine.

There is another positive aspect for Calfskin Leather - this is the easiest support material from here. Skin is generally considered to be extremely durable and unpretentious material. Think about this footwear if you are looking for practicality and elegance. Veal leather is among the high-quality craftsmanship, so you will not be wrong if you buy just such Oxfords, Opera Pumps and Slippers.


Velvet shoes can be used to give more color and extravagance to women's shoes. In the style of male shoes, this effect can also be achieved, but only through a variety of contrasting colors. Outside the traditional black, you may encounter velvet shoes in purple, burgundy, green and more. Thus the velvet gains great popularity. It is among the top trends for the combination with a tuxedo. If you want to notice, then lay on this kind of modern vision.

There is nothing wrong with breaking down your views and going outside the black if your evening presence is not business-oriented. But if it is, black velvet moccasins are appropriate. Keep in mind that this material is a little harder to maintain than the skin. It requires more precise care and more careful attitude if you go out in rainy and muddy weather.

4 kinds of tuxedo shoes that you will not be wrong with

If you have accidentally learned that shoes are not of the greatest importance because they are hard to notice in the crowd, do not believe in this insanity. It is a delusion invented by the ignorant to their appearance. The shoe gives a lot of the owner's style and essence, so prepare a complete set in your wardrobe to be prepared at any time for the next important event. Hang on a hanger, a white shirt, a black tie, and pick up the new black sophisticated Oxfords, Opera Pumps, Venetian and Slippers shoes.


This is in the most classic style tuxedo shoes. It's called an "English shoe", because students of Oxford College promoted them in the middle of the 19th century. Oxford have a characteristic closed seam - usually five in number. Connections that are curled may be different but contribute to tightness and sticking tightly on the leg. The display shows only one end of the tongue, which creates extra elegance. They are also known for their clean lines, a smooth surface and a narrow shape.

The interest in this kind of shoes is growing because they are appropriate for every age and are devoid of extravagance. They can be called the most elegant model among the variations of tuxedo shoes

Opera Pumps

This is a variant that not every man can perceive because they resemble a female shoe. They gain popularity in the Victorian era when the gentlemen begin to wear them in addition to dress when they go to the opera. The traditional one in their work is the extra element, which makes them more extravagant - a ribbon.

You will surely determine your choice for the bold if you appear on a place with similar shoes. Keep in mind that they are especially suitable for tuxedos, their application in other garments is almost unacceptable. However, they offer a wide variety of materials and an accompanying accent to them.

Venetian Loafer

Venetian style shoes are also called moccasins. These shoes are very comfortable and light and allow the trousers to fall in a way that takes on its natural shape. The black patented Venetian loafer leather is characterized by a simple form and a lack of any additions - ties and ribbons. Tuxedo and Venetian are a good tandem for a completely finished look. Beware only of a crude mistake in this style, as there are a variety of materials and patterns that are more of a day-to-day style. Look for your Venetian loafer shoes for tuxedo - do not forget to mention this information if you consult the competent advice of sales consultants.


Slippers in velvet are a good option for a tuxedo if you are invited to an important evening event or celebration. With this type of shoe, more extravagant individuals can experiment with different colors of black. Think well if the event permits it (what guests will attend, what degree of official status) and whether you are willing to make such an investment.

In case you want to stick to a more conservative pattern of clothing - in black, they also stand well and are comfortable. Bet the mood you're in. If there is a chance for more funny moments, why not become the center of attention with impressive clothing, interesting shoes and cheerful humor

Tips for buying tuxedo shoes and their subsequent maintenance

The approach to buying tuxedo shoes is more special. With them you can spend a lifetime if you do not wear them too often and keep them properly. Do not look at them as an ordinary investment like a pair of sneakers or casual boots. The precise attitude here is extremely important - tour the different brands until you find a comfortable and stylish model.

  • Do not take the first shoes that fall for you just because they say they are appropriate. Determine your need and the ultimate goal - just stylish and more compact or extravagant and different
  • Choose shoes made from Patent Leather, Calfskin or Velvet - do not save money to get value in the long run
  • When looking for tuxedo shoes, stick to Oxfords, Opera Pumps, Venetian or Slippers
  • Bet on quality because such investment is considered to be almost "eternal" - especially if it is a shoe designed solely for tuxedo
  • Try more patterns until you find the most comfortable shoe for your foot
  • Observe the initial and follow-up shoe maintenance instructions to extend the durability - the type of material from which the shoes are made is important
  • Take care of your shoes every time you wear them, and then if you need them. They must shine with cleanliness and be prepared for the next time (no dirt and dried mud)
  • It is desirable that tuxedo shoes do not wear in everyday life - take them as a separate investment that you will wear less often to keep their authentic look
  • Store your valuable shoes in a suitable place - best in the original box in a dry place
  • Try to "save" your shoes - leave them to repair a shoemaker before throwing them in the garbage and proceed to new expenses
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