Things To Know


  1.  How many slim fit styles do you offer?
  2.  Big or small, can you fit my entire wedding party?  Do you guarantee everything will fit perfectly for the wedding?
  3.  Can I try on some tuxedo options in my size before we make a final decision to use your company without any cost or obligation?
  4.  How much will I be charged to register my wedding with you?
  5.  If I bring my bridesmaid's swatch, can you show me samples of a matching vest and tie?
  6.  Do you have samples of all your tuxedos in the store? Or, would I mostly pick out of a catalog and pictures online?
  7.  If there’s an issue with the fit of a tuxedo, how long does it take you to replace it?
  8.  Does each of your stores have in-store alteration equipment? And does your staff know how to use it?
  9.  How long have you been supplying tuxedo rentals for weddings?
  10.  Do all of your tuxedos and suits come in ringbearer sizing? And, what discount do you offer them?