Dry Cleaning

How to clean and care for your suit or tuxedo

  • After wearing your suit or tuxedo, use a clothes brush to remove any particles or lint.
  • Empty the pockets to prevent them from stretching.
  • Use a good wooden hanger to ensure that your suit or tux will hold the proper fit of the shoulders.
  • Make room in your closet so other clothes do not press against your suit or tux, since clothing needs to breath.
  • Keep your fine clothing away from sunlight as the sun's UV rays will permanently fade the material.
  • Always have your suit or tux cleaned prior to long-term storage (if there are any stains, point them out to your dry cleaner beforehand); cover your suit or tux with a cotton pillowcase or fabric garment bag to keep dirt and dust off.
  • After cleaning, avoid ironing your suit with a hot iron as this could permanently affect the sheen and color of the suit.  If you have a steamer use it to remove any wrinkles.