Dry Cleaning

How to Clean and Care for your Suit or Tuxedo

After wearing your suit or tuxedo, if you do not need to have it dry cleaned, you should at least use a clothes brush to remove as much lint and invisible particles as possible. When you hang your suit or tuxedo make sure to use a good wooden hanger that is made to hold such garments.  This will ensure that it will hold the proper fit of the shoulders and that the pants are hanging by the cuffs. 

Clothing needs to breath! Make sure you have room in your closet and your clothes are not pressed up against each other. Remove any items in the pockets to prevent them from strecthing into the wrong shape. If you don't wear your suit very often, cover it with a cotton pillowcase or fabric garment bag to keep dirt and dust off of it. Always have your suit cleaned prior to long-term storage as well.

After cleaning, It is best not to iron your suit with a hot iron as this could permanently affect the sheen and color of the suit. If you have a steamer use it to remove any wrinkles that have inadvertently shown up.

A tuxedo should be cared for in much the same way as a good suit. Don't keep your fine clothing exposed to sunlight as the UV rays of the sun will permanently fade the material.

As with a good suit, always have your tuxedo cleaned prior to long-term storage. Check first to see if there are any stains. If so, point them out to your dry cleaner when you take your suit or tuxedo in for cleaning.