How to get the right suit size?

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How to get the right suit size?

A man can have a good physic and beautiful features, but with the perfect suit becomes even more attractive. Much of the male population, dressing more officially most of the time, is aware of the size and allowable combinations of different costume designs. However, there are also a few who always need to determine the circumference of the chest, the hip, waist, and the height, the length from the inside to the crotch and the length from the waist to the sole.

The good news for men is that there are many consultants who will help you in this difficult task. Thanks to them, you may look stunning. The exact suit selection is a set of your preferences and competent advice on color, pattern, size and fabric. There are many variations that are suitable for casual wear or for more business occasions.

How to Choose the Right Suit Size?

The high technological processes involved in sewing clothes are an extremely important factor for the end product. Such suits, tastefully selected and tailored to the particular occasion, certainly increase self-esteem.

Whether you make such an investment for the first time, or it is just another step in your wardrobe, it has to be your body, your personal preferences and your style of dressing. Before you set the size, you have to choose from the type of costumes that can be divided into some basic groups:

  • Classic - these are the universal costumes, whose production dates back most recently. It is an ideal option for any occasion and almost any figure, as it falls freely on the body and does not have any legs.
  • Tailored - this is a slightly more modern type of the classic model, ideal for daily wear.
  • Skinny - it's the most exaggerated model that outlines the body.
  • Slim - creates an illusion for a weaker silhouette, the trousers are hinged from the knee to the hem.

Keep in mind that it is not so difficult today to identify the right suit for you. Of course, professionals can best take care of your appearance, but remember that good tailors can make any kind of adjustments.

You can easily rent online if you do not have enough time, so you can save a certain amount. It is important to have an inch to measure the necessary laps and lengths. You should then look at the size chart that is present in each professionally crafted site.

How to measure yourself?

The best and most accurate way is to be measured by a professional, but you can do it yourself if you know a few things. You will need a measuring tape (preferably a clothing tape since it’s very flexible and easy to use), a helper, a sheet of paper and a pen. Of course, we would be happy at any of our Folchi’s locations to measure you for free.

Below you will find everything you need - start measuring in a row. This is the only way you will recognize the exact size of the appropriate costume that you liked in a retail chain or in an online store. Do not rely entirely on knowing that you are S, M or L because each model is strictly individual and there may be slight deviations.


  • Chest circumference - Measurement should be done tightly on the body without too tight. Here the most important are the centimeters horizontally around the chest, over the shoulder blades and under the armpits
  • The waist circumference - this measurement is done at a level that is approximately up to the navel
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder distance - you can measure your jacket (if you have one) or a coat, the centimeter should be stretched again
  • Length of the jacket - measure from the bottom of the collar or neck base along the entire middle middle seam to the end of the desired length
  • Sleeve length - from shoulder to desired sleeve length


  • Waist measurement - the measurement is around the waist, exactly where you want the waist to be. The tape measure should not be loose but not too tight (place the pointer and middle finger on the inside).
  • Hip circumference - Measurement is also performed with the two fingers on the inside of the centimeter, without being loosened or too tight.
  • Length of the leg from the inside - hold the centimeter tight and measure the bottom of the trouser crotch to the hem. Keep in mind that it is most advisable to have shoes.
  • Length of the outside of the leg - the measurement is made from the waist to the hem of the trousers.

Tips for Buying the Right Suit

Make sure your jacket is comfortable in your shoulders - stretching your arms forward, should not be too loose or tight. This is important because this part is one of the labor-intensive adjustments that can give you up or cost you more.

Put on your jacket to see how it stands on your chest - it should be on the body but not too tight. To best judge, put your hand down between your body and your coat - it should fit freely. It's important to feel comfortable, especially if you need to be dressed this way all day

Determine the length of the coat

In principle, it is a matter of personal taste and preference, but there are some general recommendations. Light deviations are inconspicuous, just be careful not to be too long or too short. The length of the cuff should fall to the base of the thumb, placing the arms beside itself. The good news is that the adjustment in this case is the lightest, it's important in your shoulders to stay well.

Choose the appropriate trousers for your body

About choosing a suit, and in particular the bottom, better not entirely influenced by fashion trends. Different physics suggests guiding certain models. There are a number of tricks that can be used in the field of tailoring to conceal a few pounds or to emphasize certain shapes. So trust the consultants or buy a more casual type. The "golden rule" here is to emphasize the leg, but not too tight or too loose.

Take care of the length of your trousers

Note that the length of your trousers is always determined by shoes. The classic recommendations are to fall freely on the top of the shoe without breaking in the front, not dragging at the back and not too short. If you do not feel comfortable in any other part, and it is imperceptible, the length of your trousers is in the eye. Such non-compliance could make you wrong, and the fatal thing is that if you cut it once, there's no going back.

Be more precise with your measurements and online rentals

Many websites can save you a lot of effort and time, but you may be serious if you are not precise in the measurements. The first step is to list all measures and start searching according to your personal preference. Corrections are then possible, but do not rely entirely on that.

Rent a slightly larger size if the problem is in the length

The length of sleeves and legs are the easiest to repair, so do not worry about it - not everyone has the standard size. In most stores, they will fix them, or else any tailor will do it without any difficulty. It is more important for your suit to stay well on your shoulders, chest and hips.