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Why are tuxedos so expensive?


uxedo is an official outfit suitable for evening events - weddings, balls, business cocktail and more. In everyday life, however, it is hard to find application and its price is quite high. This is the main reason for traders to offer tuxedo rental and purchase opportunities.

On the one hand, you pay less for rent and you can rent high quality. On the other hand, you do not have to pay a high value for something that probably will not come into your use soon. The purchase of the tuxedo can be considered an investment, but here we are talking about financial opportunities and the occasion.

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What is the cost of renting a tuxedo?

The bid you get depends on many factors:

  • Brand
  • Material
  • Only a tuxedo or a complete ensemble
  • Rental period
  • Quality of workmanship

It is possible to get big headaches with tuxedo rent, especially if you wait until the last moment. There are many details you need to specify with the company you hire. Never let them clarify for the last few days, because you will get hurt. Typically, prices are not low and vary widely, according to the above parameters.

By default, it amounts to about $ 150 to $ 400. You are probably aware that much of the amount owes you a real brand for a brand. You can always try out how a lower-priced cut will stand for you. Ask for information about what’s included in the price – sometimes include shirts, shoes, cufflinks, and more. This kind of deal definitely deserves a higher price if there are enough attractive offers.

Things are different when the occasion is a wedding. The bride and groom must stand out in front of the guests. The bride is more prominent, but how would the bridegroom be distinguished? With a unique tuxedo that highlights his figure in the best way. Then it is clear that reason is silent.

There is no price that is not worth paying. Still, in all the photos and videos where the moment will be sealed, clothing will be on display. Then the investment would be justified, but in all other cases – think seriously. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of buying and renting.

Process of renting a tuxedo

Each company reserves the right to set its rules for hiring a tuxedo. You are obliged to observe them if you have stopped on a particular brand. Of course, it is nothing to worry about. It can be said that there are no big exceptions. The rental process goes through the following basic steps:

Choose a store

This initial step is not easy because the choice is huge. The options increase if you live near a big city or you have decided to visit one to see the fashionable men’s shops. If you do not have the time to go around, check out online suggestions first. You will easily find an offer that sounds good. All you have to do is convince yourself that it is.

Head to a certain style

The catalog that will offer you to look at most shops, will confuse you with the many options. The patterns range in a classic, modern, or slim variant, and the colors abound in blue, brown, black, gray, and others. The options for shirts, shoes, accessories, the number of buttons on the jacket, and other additional accents are also not much

Measure your exact measures and lengths

This is necessary in case you have gone online. These measures will help you determine your size tuxedo most accurately. The measurement task will be dropped if you decide to go to a specific retail network. Sellers or tailors (on an individual order) will make the most accurate centimeter measurement.

Thanks to them, they will choose a tuxedo that is as close as possible to your body. Adjustments along the length can be made, but for the more serious there is no way. You can not have big expectations – it’s the risk of rent. It is difficult to achieve the perfect fit of the tuxedo unless you have standard measures

Submit an order request

Once you have specified the model, size, and color, and you agree with all the conditions, a payment is made. It means you are satisfied with what you will get for the price. The request can be made by phone, e-mail, in-place, or through consumer shopping baskets in online stores. It is important to describe the smallest details if there is something that bothers you

Receive and wear the tuxedo for the event

Dress the tux or the full set after you get them. Make sure everything is accurate and there is no missing part. Sometimes the biggest professionals make mistakes, so do not trust them 100%. You have to be charming on the holiday – there is no time for compromise. You should also be especially careful with the protection of your clothes because you can not get spills of wine, or juice, or burn with a cigar.

Returning the tuxedo

This is the last step in the tuxedo process. The possibilities are to return it personally to the store after the event or send it. Then all the tuxedos undergo a basic review. Keep in mind that if you’ve seriously violated your commercial appearance, you’ll probably be forced to pay. You have to be extremely careful not to find yourself with solid expenses when you least expect it.

What is the cost of renting a tuxedo?

The price for a tuxedo can not be specifically mentioned, as there are many aspects that make it cheaper or more expensive:

  • Is it custom or not
  • Material Type
  • Quality
  • Brand

It varies between $ 600 and $ 5000. Depending on the importance of the event and the cut, you could rent a mass model that will be at the lower limit. Of course, if the eyes are fully awaited, the effect of perfection in clothing would be feasible with high-quality tuxedos. This implies spending a high amount on an expensive brand or custom sewing if you are more non-standard in size.

The suit can also make your appearance perfect, but the value of the tuxedo is always noticeable. It is more expensive because of the use of additional accents. Typical satin strips along the pants, as well as the satin lapel. The production value increases because an additional fabric is used and additional technological processes are performed.

Until here, the rental price was only for the tuxedo, which included a chic jacket and trousers. Your investment does not end with this, as you need to get a shirt, shoes, a cup, and other accessories. If you have the right one, this would be a cost reduction, but if you do not – you should also think about it.

The classic is a white shirt – slim or straight, black cappuccino, and black shoes in the style of Oxford, Slippers, Opera Pump, and Venetian. You will look even more different, betting on a shirt with interesting and distinctive buttons. Even with a tight-fitting jacket, the important detail will remain on display. As you have seen, you have to predict a solid cost for a great vision, so think about it.

The rental process

Unlike buying, the rental process is associated with much more difficult choices. The investment rises if you decide to make an individual order for sewing. Be careful with making the final decision. As with other goods, as well as in men’s clothing, low quality is often offered at a low price. Imitations are at a high level, and incompetence in the field can fool you. Learn about the basic steps in renting a tuxedo:

  • Explore the city’s shops and online – the physical touch to the fabric of some tuxedos will make you look better. Online space has much more diversity. It is best to go through both options before making the final decision
  • Make the basic measurements focus on size – both in the rental and the purchase – the measurements are essential. Sometimes only a slight centimeter misalignment can mean a gross mistake. You can easily mistake the shoulder-to-shoulder distance for the chest circumference, and should not be allowed. So get help from a close friend or friend who can handle an inch. The other option is to trust the tailor-made or sales consultant
  • Orient in the price range – it is clear that everyone wants to look perfect, but sometimes it means too high a price. Think about it worth an investment of about a few thousand dollars to make your tux on demand. It is also possible to get a cheaper option that suits your body well. You just have to take the time and compare prices. Not in vain, online stores use many filters. The goal is to maximize customer satisfaction in search – set the price “from-to”.
  • Take samples of several tuxedos that are within your budget – you’ll probably be overwhelmed by the multitude that is available on the market. Samples are required to see what type of model suits your figure the most. You will understand how you feel in different fabrics and which style is most comfortable for you. The most modern is not so comfortable, but sometimes the victim deserves it.
  • Make a purchase choice and dress with him for the occasion – going through the whole purchase process, which can be quite laborious, it’s time to make a specific decision. In most cases, it comes to “just what I was looking for” or “no way, you have to wear a tux on demand”. In either case, the important thing is to be able to afford your purchase and look charming at the evening event. High value is most often justified.

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