What is the best way to pack a suit in a suitcase

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What is the best way to pack a suit in a suitcase

The suit is an irreplaceable part of any important event or business meeting. Life is dynamic and you often have to travel to fulfill your duties. Sometimes it is very tedious to travel a long distances, changing planes. etc.. All of this is quite burdensome, but if you have to meet an important business partner or client, you have no choice. Doing so, you are a representative and with that …this includes a clean and smooth exquisite suit.


This is the first rule if you do not want to spoil yourself and the company you represent. So fold your jacket and trousers so that they do not look like you tossed them in the bottom of your suitcase.  The positive thing is that there are some simple rules that will save you space. You will also pack your favorite suit without ruining it.


Which is the best way to pack a suit in a suitcase


There are some basic ways you can fold a men's suit suit. On a trip for pretty much any occasion, the space in the suitcase usually is never enough. There is always something else you want to put in, but you have to limit it to maximum capacity. That is why you have to apply some tricks in the preparation of the clothes. For suits you need to be concerned about two things. The first thing is that you probably want to keep the type as it was after the chemical cleaning. The second reason is to find a way to fold it, so the suit does not take up too much space. It may be that it is not an easy task, so try one of the tricks below.


Methods of packing a suit in a suitcase to preserve its good looks and take up less space


Method 1: Traditional folding


  • Put the jacket on a flat surface that is large enough to be comfortable. The front may be cluttered. It has to be on the surface and the back to you
  • Start by folding from left to right. It is important that the sleeve overlaps somewhere around the center of the jacket. The sleeve should be stretched in a way that does not become wrinkled after the complete folding
  • Then do the same with the right - the way is identical. It's just right to left. The folding should be the same on both sides, and the sleeves should be close together, but not overlap, because it will be folded. The sleeves at this fold are along the length of the coat
  • Bend the jacket in two lengths. Start from below, close to the collar. The goal is for the final version of the jacket to acquire a square shape with a lapel upwards. Turn it over to see how you did it. It should be ready for the suitcase and for the journey


Method 2: Fold one shoulder from the inside


  • Put the jacket on a smooth and clean surface such as a table, bed or other place. Turn it upside down and back up
  • Fold the left shoulder to the center of the jacket so that the sleeve is in the horizontal position rather than the length of the jacket. Straighten the shoulder so that it can not easily fold. The end of the sleeve is folded in two to get a square and not to protrude anything out of it. By this method 2 differs from method 1
  • The same process is performed on the right shoulder - overlapping the left and folding the sleeve once more around the elbow. To the left and right of the shoulder should be folded at the same distance
  • After making the left and right folding of the shoulders, see if the entire length of the lapel looks good. It is important that everything is perfectly stretched out without bumps
  • The last step is the folding of the length, with the goal of getting even and bottom evenly. Start with the top to the middle and then the bottom on it. So the jacket will get compact size and will keep the same look as after dry cleaning


Method 3: Folding a suitcase with a dry cleaning package


  • Attach the top of the coat hanger and put it in a bag used for dry cleaning. There are several variations that differ in price. You can use the one you have in your home or buy from cheaper models.
  • Then pull the hanger away from the top. If you are traveling by car, this is an ideal way to keep your suit smoothed
  • To fit your jacket this way into the suitcase, simply fold it in half. This method is easiest because the folding of the shoulder has been removed. Here, it's only important to bring the air out of the bag to reduce the volume. Be careful, however, not to squeeze the coat too much and folds. This will worsen the look of the beautiful suit for the important event you need to attend
  • The now easily folded jacket is ready to be put in the suitcase. It is desirable to be at the top of all other clothes and other accessories. Apply this method if you have to go on the road at the last minute. It is extremely reliable, fast and easy to implement


Method of packing a jacket and shirt to save space


  • Again the back should be facing you, and the front down
  • Turn one side inward, then fold one side of the jacket back and forth. Then turn the front of the jacket on you
  • Do the same with the other side - the goal is to make it more compact
  • Now is the time for the shirt. Prefold it from the shoulder. Fold the two sleeves forward and along the length of the sleeves. Then start rolling upward as a coil so that only the collar remains visible
  • Put it on the top of the jacket and start rolling it up. The ultimate goal is to get something like a cylinder that takes up little space in your luggage. This will give you more to take the necessary things
  • Method of folding trousers and jacket for packing in a suitcase
  • Take your pants in your hands, grab them for your legs and drop them down to take their natural shape
  • Then place them on a surface that is wide and long enough. Look at them well - there should be no folds, and the fabric should be stretched
  • Fold one leg to the other very precisely, again in their shape
  • Put on the already folded jacket, using one of the above methods, in the center of the pants. Then knock the top and bottom of the trousers around the jacket - imagine you pack the jacket. This will save you another seat in the suitcase. You must do this about the length of ⅓ from the bottom to the waist
  • Once you have wrapped your jacket in your trousers and folded it, it must have taken the shape of a square. That means you've done a good job. It is time to go on the road to fulfill your other duties


Summarizing tips for packing a suit


Take the most of your needs according to the climate, the period of stay and the purpose of the trip - sometimes too much unnecessary things can damage the type of other clothes. For example, if you are traveling during a colder period of three, four days, you do not need to take any color of sweaters. You can go without them. Better take one, two in darker shades, and leave space for your beautiful suit to stretch. If the trip is mainly due to an important business event, you are impressed with a good vision, manners and competence in a given field


Do not overlook the folding of suit when packing luggage - there are several folding options that will keep the suit look good all the way, and at the same time will get a compact shape. It is extremely important to take care of this important detail so as not to be surprised when you arrive


Wrap a suit of thinner fabric if time allows it - most suits are bulky, but there are fabrics that are lighter and thinner. They can not be compared with the wave, for example. So, if the trip is not during the coldest season of the year, or you go to a warmer country, put on a lighter suit. You will feel more comfortable and comfortable and the process of packing your luggage will be easier


Always place the suit at the top of the suitcase - stacking is also an important factor in preserving the good looks of clothes and other items. If you put the suit and everything else on it, it will not make sense of its precise folding because the other things will press it. Positioning him as the last item of luggage allows for packing at the last minute so that he stays as briefly folded as possible. On the other hand, it is always forgotten and supplemented. Very often a shift is necessary, which would also not be beneficial for the suit if it is down


Roll up the possible things in a roll and put them in the small empty spaces in the suitcase - this applies to shirts and jackets. You will surely save space and pay any free space on the suitcase you have prepared for the trip. Use this trick if you have not thought so far to see the benefits. Well, do not overdo it. We mentioned that the more practical and necessary things from many redundant things

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